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Zest Recycle's relationship began with Blackrose Pubs in 2021, when we carried out a review of their existing waste management setup.

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Blackrose Pubs is based in the north of England and operate in excess of 40 pubs across the UK. With a focus on traditional pub values and creating an experience that people will want to return to again and again, they are passionate about pubs and about establishing strong connections through transparency and honesty.

This ethos extends to every part of the business including the sustainable recycling and waste management operations of their pub portfolio.

Zest Recycle’s relationship began with Blackrose Pubs in 2021, when we carried out a review of their existing waste management setup.

The client was working with a national waste management company and was looking for a fresh perspective on the management of their waste resources.

Zest Recycle

The Solution

From the outset, our relationship with Blackrose Pubs was based on a consultative and collaborative approach.

We conducted a desktop analysis of the client’s waste management data and carried out audits of the sites across the business to enable us to get under the skin of the resource management operations, utilising a sufficient amount of data to provide meaningful information. The audits were conducted over the course of three days with the aim to identify opportunities to optimise the segregation of recyclable materials, increase recycling performance and rationalise services to reduce costs.

The audit revealed several areas for improvement, which included;

  • Improving the consistency and availability of recycling services across all locations.
  • Introducing containers for segregation of recyclables in bar areas, storerooms, and kitchens.
  • Consolidating collection schedules to avoid unnecessary collections and costs.
  • Improving practices in on-site segregation to make the most efficient use of containers.
  • Redesigning clear and bold signage to aid better segregation.
  • Implementing a communications campaign to launch the new system and educate staff.

Based on our audit results, we submitted a full proposal for the management of recycling and resource management services for Blackrose Pubs and was delighted to be awarded the contract.

The Results

As a result of our approach to working with Blackrose Puubs and the extensive information we were able to gather during the discovery part of the process, we were able to clearly present the opportunity and demonstrate that we were able to significantly improve processes by implementing best practices and make significant cost savings across the contract.

Our proposition results in cost savings of 22% within the first year of the contract and an increase in recycling from 40% to 85%.

As a result of our proposal, we were awarded a long-term contract, with a number of sites coming onboard in late 2021 and full contract rollout in early 2022. Following the successful award of the contract, all remaining Blackrose pub locations were audited ready for full contract rollout and new signage and posters were designed to support the launch of the new recycling campaign.

Zest Recycle

The partnership we have developed with Blackrose Pubs is a great example of how a collaborative and consultative approach delivers results. Blackrose Pubs was fully committed to improving the sustainability of their waste operations and allowed us to really get under the skin of the business, through our consultative approach.

Roland Archer, Sales Director for Zest Recycle

It has been a pleasure working with Zest Recycle to deliver this new contract, their approach and transparency in presenting the opportunities for Blackrose Pubs was refreshing and we are looking forward to further building on our success to ensure we are delivering a sustainable experience across our pubs.

Fiona Smith, Procurement Manager for Blackrose Pubs


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