Commercial Recycling

Recycling can be split into two core categories: dry mixed recycling and single stream recycling. Whereas dry mixed recycling is a good option for when it’s not practical to separate recyclables materials, single stream recycling is better when large quantities of recyclable materials are being produced, such as cardboard, paper and plastic.

Zest Recycle
Zest Recycle

Commercial & Business Recycling

When it comes to managing your recyclable waste, Zest Recycle will identify the most effective solution tailored to your individual needs.

As commercial and industrial recycling experts, you can trust Zest Recycle to really get to know your business. We’ll analyse your recycling waste streams and waste processes, ensuring that any opportunity to streamline your recyclable waste is capitalised on.

Recycling can be handled in a number of different ways depending on the types and quantity of materials present. Dry mixed recyclables generally consist of paper, carboard, plastic bottles and cans and these can be collected in internal containers, with bags transferred to external containers ready for collection and transfer to a Materials Recycling Facility for sorting and onward processing. Other recyclable materials such as glass, wood and larger quantities of paper, cardboard, plastics and metals can be collected separately and/or bulked up where appropriate to achieve a healthy rebate.

With a supply chain network of over 200 approved partners, we have access to one of the widest ranges of equipment for both your internal and external container requirements, allowing us to provide a complete solution for your waste recycling.

And it doesn’t end there, we work with our clients every step of the way, providing valuable management information and marketing support to ensure your recycling initiative is a total success.

Zest Recycle offers collaborative commercial recycling services to businesses throughout the UK. Want to hit your recycling targets and put the squeeze on waste? Give us a call.

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The Recycling Journey


Recycling can be collected as dry mixed recycling or segregated into single streams and can be stored in a range of external containers or baled ready for collection


Your mixed recycling bins are emptied or your bales are collected by an approved supply chain partner


Recycling is returned to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) where it is sorted into the various waste streams and/or bulked up and prepared for reprocessing


Mixed Recycling is turned into new products including new cardboard, paper and fleeces

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Why Choose Zest?

Exceptional service

From the Zest Recycle customer services and account management teams, to our network of supply chain partners, carefully selected to meet our clients' individual needs, we are passionate about delivering the highest level of service at all times.

Lower costs

We work with our clients to streamline processes and optimise collections, cutting waste in every sense and ensuring maximum value is achieved from your recycling and waste resources.

Full compliance

We ensure that you are aware of the latest legislation, advise you on all aspects of compliance and help you implement best practices that ensure you are managing your waste responsibly and compliantly.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainability is the foundation of everything we do. We utilise SME contractors from local communities, helping to reduce carbon and supporting local businesses. We work collaboratively with our clients to make more sustainable waste choices.

? Did you know...

Businesses are legally required to manage their waste in line with the Waste Hierarchy, which means taking steps to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste wherever possible?

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