From nursing homes to private hospitals, the resource experts here at Zest Recycle have years of experience creating clinical and domestic waste plans within the healthcare sector.

Zest Recycle

Healthcare Waste Management

Healthcare waste encompasses a range of different waste types, from clinical and offensive waste to dry mixed recycling and pharmaceuticals.

To help you manage all this, the Zest team can work with you to create a bespoke plan that works seamlessly around your operations.

Here are the core aspects of our medical waste management and clinical waste disposal services:

  • Thanks to our experience, expertise and supply chain network, we can provide you with a compliant waste solution that delivers on your environmental objectives.
  • Whatever the nature of your facilities, you can expect us to get to know them intimately to ensure your waste management plan is completely unique to you.
  • As experts in this sector, you can rely on us to help you with the proper segregation and storage of clinical waste streams, including highly infectious, cytotoxic, and anatomical waste streams whilst ensuring that the highest levels of hygiene and environmental best practice are upheld.
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Why Choose Zest?

Exceptional service

From the Zest Recycle customer services and account management teams, to our network of supply chain partners, carefully selected to meet our clients' individual needs, we are passionate about delivering the highest level of service at all times.

Lower costs

We work with our clients to streamline processes and optimise collections, cutting waste in every sense and ensuring maximum value is achieved from your recycling and waste resources.

Full compliance

We ensure that you are aware of the latest legislation, advise you on all aspects of compliance and help you implement best practices that ensure you are managing your waste responsibly and compliantly.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainability is the foundation of everything we do. We utilise SME contractors from local communities, helping to reduce carbon and supporting local businesses. We work collaboratively with our clients to make more sustainable waste choices.

? Did you know...

Businesses are legally required to manage their waste in line with the Waste Hierarchy, which means taking steps to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste wherever possible?

Zest Recycle

Based in Essex, we create bespoke waste management plans for healthcare companies throughout London and across all major towns and cities throughout the UK. By choosing us, you can achieve best value for your healthcare patients, whilst delivering the highest standards of waste hygiene and compliance.

Contact us today for a fresh perspective on your healthcare and clinical waste needs.

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