Greensleeves Care

The twenty-eight-care home business was looking for a personalised approach to their waste management. Consolidating the supply chain with a standardised approach, delivering cost benefits & delivering on the Sustainability strategy were primary drivers.

Zest Recycle


Greensleeves Care operates twenty-eight care homes across the UK. With a focus on making every day fulfilling and positive for their residents, they are passionate about providing a high-quality environment as well as exceptional standards of care and service. 

Each of these individual sites previously managed their own waste collection services under separate contracts for both domestic and clinical waste streams. With a new sustainability strategy in place and the aim to achieve a standardised approach, Greensleeves Care awarded a total waste management contract to Zest Recycle. The services provided included recycling, food waste, general waste, offensive waste and feminine hygiene services.  

Zest Recycle

The Solution

Using our established process, we helped Greensleeves Care join the “DOTS”.  

DISCOVERYWe begun by organising a sustainability strategy review to understand the provision of existing service schedules. This allowed us to discover their goals and challenges the estate faced including multiple suppliers for domestic and clinical waste streams and the need to minimise food waste in line with Greensleeves Sustainability Strategy.

OPPORTUNITY We initially performed an extensive audit across four estates reviewing existing waste streams, processes, and procedures to identify opportunities to improve efficiency. The audits revealed areas for improvement including internal waste segregation in communal areas, dining rooms and kitchens. 

TRANSFORM Taking the results from the audit, we built a bespoke, best practice solution to deliver on their sustainable goals and providing the business with a fresh start. This included introducing food waste service at each site, increasing recycling through optimised waste streams. 

SUSTAINABLE Now that our tailored solution is in place, we have begun managing service implementation along with monitoring and delivering continuous improvement projects.  


On award of the full contract, we audited the entire estate over two weeks and were able to provide Greensleeves Care with a finalised service schedule, resulting in some great improvements aligned to Greensleeves Care goals. 





The Results

As a direct result from our “DOTS” process, and the information gathered during the Discovery part of the process, we were able to clearly demonstrate how we could significantly improve processes by implementing a best practice solution. 

In the first two months, our proposition resulted in a cost reduction of 35% across the estate and recycling rates were increased from 49% to 74%. We also mobilised food waste across the sites and ensured compliance with all waste streams was upheld. 

We continue to deliver improvements and ongoing management along with supported data analysis through our ESG portal. 

Zest Recycle

We are delighted to partner with a business that put their trust in our “DOTS” process. Through this partnership approach, we were able to showcase our expertise and deliver remarkable results that complement the Sustainability Strategy.

Roland Archer, Sales Director for Zest Recycle

Zest Recycle

I am thrilled to share my experience with Zest Recycle. They have completely refreshed our waste management processes, taking our recycling rate from 49% to 74% and reducing costs by 35%. Their exceptional service, environmental consciousness, and dedication to recycling has really impressed me and I would recommend to anyone.

Lina Hovanessian, Head of Procurement for Greensleeves Care

? Did you know...

Where recyclable materials, such as cardboard, paper, and plastics are produced in high volume, it is possible to generate a healthy rebate for your business?

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