Are you maximising your recycling opportunities?

23 March 2023
Zest Recycle

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Start fresh

Zest Recycle

Time to Start Fresh

For businesses looking to minimise the impact of the forthcoming price increases on its bottom line, now is the perfect time to Start Fresh. Consider carrying out a waste audit and see if any opportunities to increase the level of recycling are being missed. 

How to approach a waste audit

A waste audit is the process of examining and analysing how much and what types of waste your business is generating. Doing this will really help identify where you can increase levels of recycling and reduce waste volumes.  

6 steps for a successful waste audit: 

  • Plan the audit – identify the scope of the audit, goals and the team members in the company who will be involved. 
  • Gather data – collect information on the types, and amounts, of waste that your business generates. Do this by reviewing invoices and waste transfer notes. 
  • Sort and weigh – you’ll need to sort your waste into separate categories such as paper, plastic and organic waste. Weigh each category of waste so that you can determine the quantities your business is generating. 
  • Analyse your data – look to identify any patterns, such as which categories of waste are being generated in the largest quantities. You should also be able to see which part of your business generates the most waste. 
  • Identify improvement opportunities – your data analysis, if done well, will reveal where your business has opportunities to reduce waste, increase recycling and save money. You may need to make changes to your purchasing practices, waste disposal methods and employee behaviour. 
  • Implement the changes – put the changes identified in the waste audit into practice. Then, over time, make sure you track and evaluate the success of your programme. 

Recycle More and Reduce Your Waste Disposal and Processing Costs

Here are our top tips for businesses who want to recycle more, reduce waste, consume less energy, help the environment, and bring down their operating costs. Some are quick wins; others may require a little more effort:  

Quick Wins
Recycle your wastepaper, electronics (including computers and monitors), printer cartridges, light bulbs and batteries Provide separate bins for each type of waste at strategic locations throughout the business, to facilitate recycling
Ensure food waste such as fruit, vegetables, tea bags and coffee grounds are segregated and composted Advise your employees only to print out what is absolutely necessary and set photocopiers and printers to double-sided
Replace disposable coffee cups with reusable ones Provide reusable plates, bowls and cutlery in staff canteens
Additional Effort Wins
Run a training programme in-house to educate employees about recycling and environmentally friendly waste disposal techniques Foster a culture of employee participation and provide incentives for recycling and waste reduction efforts. Reward and recognise employee contributions
Participate actively in community recycling programmes Partner with other local businesses to support and promote sustainable waste management practices
Switch over to electronic billing and invoicing Consider donating or selling any equipment the company no longer has a use for
Install energy-efficient toilets, taps and hand-dryers in washrooms Ensure that energy-efficient lighting is adopted throughout the business
Replace old fridges with modern A-rated ones
Zest Recycle
Zest Recycle

Talk to the Zest Recycle Team

Businesses of all types can benefit from working with recycling and waste management professionals. At Zest Recycle we deliver tailored resource management solutions which focus on industry best practice and ensure that our clients are environmental leaders in their sector. 

We recently saved a new client £100k on their waste costs as well as reducing their environmental impact. 

If you need our support or advice on any recycling or waste management initiatives, including waste audits, we’re just a phone call away.

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