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30 January 2024
Zest Recycle

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Start fresh

Zest Recycle

With 25% of all waste, (41.1 million tonnes), coming from businesses, we all have a duty of care to improve our waste management. 

That’s why we created our Start Fresh campaign – our promise of waste management transformation with a dedication to increase recycling rates, divert waste from landfill and reduce operational costs. 

How can businesses reduce their waste?

Here are our top tips for businesses who want to recycle more, reduce waste, consume less energy, help the environment, and bring down their operating costs.  

Quick Wins
Provide separate bins for each type of waste at strategic locations throughout the business to facilitate recycling
Replace disposable coffee cups with reusable alternatives
Advise your employees to print out what is necessary and set photocopiers and printers to double-sided
More Effort Wins
Ensure that energy-efficient lighting is adopted throughout the business
Foster a culture of employee participation and provide incentives for recycling and waste reduction efforts. Reward and recognise employee contribution
Run a training programme to educate employees about recycling and environmentally friendly waste disposal techniques
Partner with an external business to help with your waste management processes (like us!)

Helping you to join the DOTS

Our Start Fresh campaign joins the DOTS. Our unique step-by-step process ensures we get to the core of our clients’ existing challenges, so we are best suited to advise and deliver a fully tailored solution. For every client, we undergo the following steps: 



We understand your goals and challenges by carrying out a desk top analysis of your current situation, getting to the core of your business. 



We audit your estate by reviewing waste streams, processes and procedures to identify opportunities to improve efficiency. 



From the results of our audit, we can build a bespoke, best practice solution delivering on your sustainable goals. 



We manage the implementation of the new programme, helping to train staff and providing educational materials. 


Our DOTS process is supported by our intelligent sustainability platform, helping to manage ESG risk and reducing operational costs. Pre-configured utility and resource reports can be built to help users easily visualise performance year over year, compare KPI to absolute and intensity targets, and forecast into the future.   

Educational materials

For efficient implementation of our bespoke programme, we provide our clients a range of educational posters and signage to help raise awareness, inform and engage on segregation, recycling and waste. 

Access our materials in the Resource Centre. When working with us, a client can expect to receive: 

  • Waste stream posters  
  • Internal and external bin stickers  
  • Information posters including recycling facts, the waste hierarchy and tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle  
  • Face to face, personalised training  
  • Campaigns surrounding awareness days to increase engagement.  
  • Fun games centred on education staff on waste segregation. 
Start Fresh with Zest
Zest Recycle

Comprehensive Training

Alongside our educational materials, clients of Zest Recycle gain skills and knowledge through our personalised training sessions. Our comprehensive training helps our clients to feel educated on waste segregation, best practice and compliance. This, and a feeling of increased confidence, leads to a higher level of engagement and success. When the whole team feel empowered, they are more likely to be proactive with the changes. 

Discover more on how Zest Recycle supported NAIC, the National Automotive Innovation Centre based at Warwick University with on-site training. 

Zest Recycle

Talk to the Zest Recycle team

As experts in recycling and waste management, you can trust our team to effectively manage your waste streams to help increase recycling rates and reduce your waste volumes.  

If your 2024 resolutions are to get your waste in order, then get in touch to Start Fresh with Zest Recycle. 

If you need our support or advice on any recycling and waste management initiatives, we’re just a phone call away. Contact us here. 

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